Online Counselling Services.

Life in Colour: Counselling and Wellbeing are currently offering online counselling services. Since COVID19 the demand for telehealth services has increased and more and more clients are seeing the benefits of accessing telehealth for their wellbeing needs.

Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is an online form of counselling and psychotherapy usually performed via phone, zoom or other programs to deliver supports and services remotely to clients. Telehealth is useful to clients who work long hours, struggle to make time for travel or have other difficulties accessing appointments face to face. Some clients prefer telehealth as they can access therapy from the comfort of their own home and/or can find the time to include therapy into their busy schedules.

How do I access telehealth?

Life in Colour use an online client management system. Once your client file is open you are given a unique telehealth link that is sent to you in your confirmation email. You can use the same link for every appointment you attend, as it is your own personal link. It is important that you have a good quality internet connection and computer systems in place that support telehealth. There is also information in our intake and consent form that outlines all the requirements and limitations of telehealth, so you are aware and informed prior to commencing therapy. You can ask questions or discuss this form further with your therapist at any time. If you prefer phone counselling, your counsellor will call you at the time of your scheduled appointment each week.

Does it work?

There are lots of benefits to face-to-face counselling, as there are also benefits to telehealth. Some clients prefer face-to-face while others prefer telehealth, however research shows that therapy delivered via telehealth is as affective as therapy delivered in person.

Why choose telehealth?

Is your preferred counsellor available face to face or do they only offer online therapy?

  • You may be time poor and need to save on travel to and from the clinic
  • Some clients who suffer from high levels of anxiety prefer to access therapy from the comfort of their home
  • Childcare issues impacting ability to attend face to face appointments
  • Unable to drive or get to a clinic
  • Preference to connect via phone or computer

Who can do telehealth?

Anyone can access telehealth if they have a stable internet connection and the appropriate device, however there may be some services for which telehealth is not appropriate or effective. The following groups of people may not be suitable for telehealth, however, every client is different and your counsellor will consider and discuss with you the appropriateness of ongoing telehealth sessions:

  • Young children and families with complex issues may progress quicker in a face-to-face environment, access to play therapy rooms e.t.c.
  • Complex diagnosis or multiple, co-morbid mental health diagnosis may benefit from a more intensive face-to-face environment
  • High-risk clients, actively suicidal or self-harming may not be suitable for telehealth